This organization is designed to:

  • Provide leadership in improving technology procedures for Arizona Community Colleges.

  • Evaluate areas of collaboration within Arizona Community Colleges.

  • Facilitate the communication of technology-related matters among ACCTOC members.

  • Provide a forum where common concerns and problems can be discussed and where knowledge, information, and innovations can be exchanged.

  • Promote collective deliberation in developing and supporting recommendations to the Arizona Community College President’s Council (ACCPC).

  • Encourage personal professional development opportunities by sponsoring Continuing Professional Education Programs.

  • Provide analysis to ACCPC and ACCBOC on regulatory matters which effect technology.


  • The Arizona Community College Technical Officers Council was formed in 2009.

  • An annual conference was started in 2013.

    • 2013 – Pima Community College

    • 2014 – Northern Arizona University

    • 2015 – Yavapai College

    • 2016 – Yavapai College

    • 2017 – Northland Pioneer College

    • 2019 – Central Arizona College

    • 2022 - Yavapai College